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The John Heinz, Allied Rehab Calender, 2011 Edition


A Dusting at Wagner's Run (November Image, John Heinz/Allied Services Calendar)


Over the past three years, it has been my pleasure to provide  the landscape photography for a unique publication. 

It is a calender, created and sold for the benefit of the pediatric rehabilitation programs at the John Heinz Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine in Wilkes Barre, and the Allied Services facility, in Scranton, both in my home region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In an increasingly bottom-line oriented medical community, these programs are run rather altruistically: no child is refused services, regardless of their ability to pay.

The program serves a wide variety of children with a broad assortment of physical and developmental diagnosis. Many children receive services for years, if  not decades of their young lives. Through this rehabilitation, the children, many of whom are severely disabled, can have their functional status, and potential as adults strikingly improved.

The calendar will be available at all Allied and John Heinz facilities, and at a number of retailers throughout the region. The calendar can be previewed and ordered through the Allied Services/John Heinz website.

It is 9″by 12″ spiral bound, and printed on high quality glossy stock. I daresay that the print quality of the images for bulk printing, is quite high.

It priced at the princely sum of $6.

It makes a nice inexpensive holiday gift which you can really feel good about giving.

It’s certainly better than a fruitcake.

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