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The Wexford Carol


On this wonderful  Christmas Day, I think its important to reflect on the year just past.

It’s easy to get caught up in worries about one’s job,  your investments, your sports team, or even whether the new camera you just bought is has been bested by a newer model.

Christmas is a time when the things that are truly important, ie; your family and friends, and your relationship with the almighty, should shine brightly, and expose the triviality of other matters.

At its worst, the holiday season can obviously be crass and commercial. This year, the stories of consumers nearly rioting over a particular model of Nike, is disturbing in so many ways. It is  particularly so when you consider the deviation in this behavior from the kindness, and the generosity of spirit one should want to exhibit at this time of year.

At its best , the celebration of the birth of Christ is a period of selflessness, where for a month or so, we stop worrying about what we want, and think of pleasing our loved ones with a trinket or bauble that brings them joy. Maybe we think to help those less fortunate souls who struggle to make ends meet.

So Merry Christmas to all that visit here. I offer this wonderful song as a bauble for all of you, featuring the incomperable Yo-Yo Ma, and the voice of angels,  Alison Krauss.

May you find joy and peace in the coming year.


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