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New Header Image


This is a crop (forced by the site format, as have been all the header images) of an image called “View Southwest”, an imaged featured in the 2010 John Heinz Calender (2011 version available below)

It was taken on a day in late November when a rather localized ice storm struck a portion of the ridgetops in our region (but happily not the next one over, where I reside).

The effect was so striking, that I could not resist hiking to the top of the highest ridge involved and shooting until the sun fell. The views, particularly as the sun fell from the sky, were spectacular.

One of the many images shot that evening “Ice Storm on Penobscot” is featured in the 1st of the two “Bleak Times” article that precede this.

Hopefully, it will prompt you to visit this site more often (and maybe even to buy more calendars which as you may recall, benefit pediatric rehabilitation programs)