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A Pause in Publishing



Dark May Skies (Fujifilm X 2 Pro, XF 35mm f1.4)

I have been remiss. Over the past several months, I’ve been dealing with illness in the family, and then a nasty personal respiratory infection that has taken weeks to shake (and me a pulmonary physician).

I’ve had construction projects to manage both in Pennsylvania, and the Adirondacks.

All of this has left me less attentive toward shooting, and writing about it. It didn’t help that our warm brown winter was followed by a cool damp spring.

Old Adirondack Farm (Fujifilm X 2 Pro, XF 35mm f1.4)


We spent last week for instance, in Lake Placid, which much of the time was 50 degrees, windy and raining. This continues my run on bad Adirondack weather. It did keep us focused on completing, the task at hand: restoring the first floor after a water heater problem laid waste to the place in late December.

Waiting for Better Weather (Fujifilm X 2 Pro, XF 56mm f1.2)


We (the DCNR folks and I) did manage I think, to pull off a successful landscape photography lecture/ photo walk in May at our local Nescopeck State Park. I hope to do more workshops at our local parks as the year unfolds.

Don’t Ask (Fujifilm X 2 Pro, XF 56mm f1.2)


I rarely become ill. So this stretch of problems was a bit daunting. I’m feeling better now, and with the improvement in my health, I feel the need to get out with my photo equipment and start shooting.

So let the Summer Begin!