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Chasing Fall in the Adirondacks


At Octoberfest (Fujifilm X100f)

Early this month of October, my lovely wife and I decamped from our Pocono residence for a week-long trip to the Adirondacks. It was scheduled months ago to coincide with peak foliage which in a normal year occurs in the northern “dacks” on or around the first week of October.

This, however, is not a normal year. In the northeastern US, we have had a very warm fall, which is particularly weird, given the cool summer that preceded it. In a more typical fall, I struggle through some cold days trying to hold off turning on my home’s heat until October. As I write this (October 15th) I’m still needing my air conditioning.

Flowers and Umbrellas (Fujifilm X100f)

We arrived on September 30th in time for the Whiteface Mountain Octoberfest celebration, where despite beer, and young women in dirndls (you know, the St Pauli Girl dresses), you quickly discover your tolerance for accordion music. Still and all, it’s a fun event.

Cathy and Ron (Fujifilm X100f)

What was missing, however, was color. The foliage in the Lake Placid area (which is between 1800 and 2000 ft. in elevation) seemed no more colorful than it was at home. There was a sense around town that the maples turned early and then lost their leaves.

Bandshell (Fujifilm X100f,TCL X100)

The first two days of the trip it was cool, with early AM temperatures in the mid 20’s. It then warmed into a fair imitation of late August.

Still and all it was a pleasant time. We had friends from home visit for several nights and toured them around. My friend Bob wanted me to shoot him from his “good” side.

Bob’s Good Side (Fujifilm X 100f, TCLX100)


Then, for the last 24 hours of the trip, the foliage exploded. Perhaps the cool temps earlier in the week were the stimulus. Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, the iridescent orange-reds of the sugar maples exploded, and suddenly the foliage became much more interesting.

Geese on the Potato Fields (Fujifilm X Pro 2, XF 56mm f1.2)

I still think that the best foliage I witnessed was still muted when compared to the best years I have seen.

Elvis at the Steak and Seafood (Fujifilm X100f)

In terms of camera gear, I brought only my X100f and my X Pro2.  I left my Nikon gear at home with the idea that 24mp of resolution is more than adequate at this point for almost any shooting I do. This also means that I can pack my smaller tripod. After my recent praise of the XF 60mm 2.4, I accidentally left that lens at home, so I shot with the 56mm f1.2, which is obviously no slouch.

Color on the Ausable Fujifilm X Pro 2, XF 56mm f1.2)

Fall is a lovely time of years to visit the north country of New York State. It is worth putting on your schedule. Hopefully, the foliage will cooperate.



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