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Early December Musings



Christmas Dock (Fujifilm X Pro 2, XF 56mm f1.2)

I’ve been away from these pages for a while, and for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost was the preparation time necessary for me to take my sleep medicine board exam, which was in late November.This every-10-year ritual gets older every time.  I will have more to say about this in weeks to come.

Late fall is not the most inspiring time for photography.  This year I remained at home and was unable to visit the north country where the climate can make the fall/winter interface a much more visually interesting season.

Now add in late fall homesteading  chores, such as clearing leaves, stacking wood, and changing over my power equipment collection to its winter configuration; with all this to do, I just haven’t had much free time.

Some Free Time. (Fujifilm X100f)

I’m not hunting this year, but shortly after the exam, I did attend a shooting event that friends of mine revived after a 45 year absence.  it was great fun.

That of course there with the Thanksgiving holidays, with visits from family and friends.  Shortly after that, photography is further limited by the Pennsylvania’s antlered deer season.  For those weeks, it is safer to stay out of the woods on all days but Sundays when hunting is suspended.

Buck in the Yard (Fujifilm X Pro 2, XF 56mmf1.2)

But still, I try to get out when I can in the waning daylight hours, if only to clear my head and keep my seasonal affective disorder at bay.

A Last bit of Color (Fujifilm X100f, TCL-X100)

This is a season of harshness, before the snow blankets and softens the visuals.  In most settings colors are drab, and I tend to look for interesting shapes, and recurrent patterns, which are often best rendered in black and white if the colors are drab. The atmospherics can be interesting with dustings of snow, hoar frost, and fog. The season’s low sun angles often maintain interesting light and shadows for much of the day.

Beech and spent Goldenrod (Fujifilm X Pro 2, XF 60mm f2.4)

This can be a good time to shoot people, especially as the  holidays approach.

Matt at Thanksgiving (Fujifilm X100f, TCL-X100)


Here in the Pennsylvania mountains, there is a change coming.  Our warm late fall temperatures are about to be ushered out by a front, that will usher in a fairly durable January-like air mass.  The pattern setting up is also said to be conducive to snowfall, and I remain hopeful that we will see some soon.


Winter it seems, is arriving on schedule.