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Our Current Autumn


Campus Tour in Harvard Yard (Fujifilm X 100)


From a photographic standpoint, If not meteorologically, autumn 2012 has come to an end in this part of the Northeastern US.

Aesthetically, it was a pretty good season this year. Some of you may recall my complaints about the foliage last year.  I think last year, the fall colors were adversely affected by the very wet conditions we experienced in the late summer and fall in 2011 (remember Hurricane Irene).

Yellow Maple, Lackawanna State Forest (Panasonic GH1, Lumix 20mm f 1.7)

 This year was much more normal, with maples and oaks producing strong red foliage to compliment the yellows and oranges of other species.

Color on the Nescopeck (Panasonic GH1, Lumix 14-45mm f 3.5)


The foliage turned fairly early this year. Our usual peak, here in Northeastern Pennsylvania occurs in mid October.

The Barrens Path in October (Nikon D 7000, Nikkor 16-85mm f3.5)

 I started shooting up on the Pocono plateau in late September, and finished in the valley in late October.

Kirby Park, Late October ( Fujifilm X 100)

The fall shooting came to a rather abrupt end with “super storm” Sandy. In our region, fortunately, that storm’s impact was quite modest (our hearts go out to those who are still struggling to rebuild). It did however strip the remaining leaves from the trees and thus abruptly end the autumn shooting season.

Sandy’s Early Winds (Fujifilm X 100)

Not even the river valleys had any residual color.

And then, I travelled to Boston, so that my son could visit prospective colleges. There, autumn was still very much in progress. It was like a reset.

Wall and Maple, Cambridge (Fujifilm X 100)

 For now however, in the Appalachians of Pennsylvania, shooting opportunities will be limited until the first snow falls.