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I’m adding a video here of one of my favorite musical groups of any genre.

  The band in question, Union Station, would be wonderful enough with the fine voice of their lead male vocalist Dan Tyminski. It was Dan and the band that scored with the iconic hit “Man of Constant Sorrow” from the Coen Brother’s film “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”,  lip synched as it was by George Clooney in that production.


 If you listen to them long enough, you come to appreciate that the band is a tight, extremely disciplined group with a polish that is more typical of a jazz ensemble.

When you add in the incredible Allison Kraus, with her astounding voice, backed by the group’s fine harmonies, the songs they sing easily transcend past performances by less talented groups. It is an almost embarrassment of riches , that Ms. Krauss, in addition to her almost otherworldly vocal talents, also plays a mean fiddle. 

Like Ricky Scaggs, featured elsewhere on this site, their obvious musicality draws people into bluegrass music that might otherwise be put off by earlier, and perhaps more “rustic ” practitioners of the craft.

So with my compliments, enjoy:


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