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The You Tube addiction goes on…

 This time, here’s a video from a television show that  was filmed to promote one of my favorite Sinatra albums: Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

When you listen to this song, with its marvelous bossa nova rhythm, it’s easy to assume it was written in Brazil, perhaps by Jobim himself. The lyrics are fresh and contemporary. They are to the point, and elegant in their simplicity.

Surprisingly, this is not a Latin tune. It was written by non other than Irving Berlin, for the 1938 film “Carefree” where it was sung by Fred Astaire. Listen how beautifully it adapts to its new Brazilian identity.

 By the way, how about singing while smoking?  Not really a long-term plan for a vocalist. Still it was admittedly, very hip.


Adaptability is one of the attributes that makes a song a classic.

For fun, here’s the original. Sorry about the subtitles.


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