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I used to fancy myself a bluesman.

I’m a big fan of Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Big and Little Walter, and Koko Taylor. I’m convinced that B.B. King is the blues guitar version of Count Basie.

It’s fun to listen to Eric Clapton play the blues, but I’m always left with the idea that his heart is not totally in it.

I can bend notes on a harmonica pretty well, and have played around in a bar band.

On the other hand I’m an old balding white guy.  I figure I’m the wrong race; and with little talent; I should definitely stick to medicine.

There was this guy, from Texas, who really played the blues.

He might have been the best guitarist in the modern era.

 He was a white guy. He wore sort of a modified cowboy hat, often with a plume.

I have always loved the blues, but, was focused at the time on classic blues artists.  I missed out on him.

He conquered drug and alcohol abuse, and was clean at the time of this video.

He died in a helicopter crash in 1990. What a tragedy.

He is of course, Stevie Ray Vaughn.  

He was absolutely astounding.

Here’s a cut.