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Shower the People


I was 12 years old when on AM radio I first heard James Taylor singing his song, “Fire and Rain”.

 This exposure was the first of many to a singer/songwriter that in many ways wrote and sang a part of the soundtrack to my early life.

 I loved his spare arrangements, and the plain but pure vocal performances. His style was unadorned but elegant. Plus, he wrote much of his own music.

In the intervening time, not much has changed.

I’ve seen him live on several occasions; he is a very consistent and professional performer who seems sublimely comfortable in his own skin. His expressions on stage seem to sometimes reflect a joy and  genuine surprise that he can make his large audiences so very happy.

I remember, years ago seeing this performance of “Shower the People”, with this unique way of providing vocal support.  I was delighted to encounter it on one of my late night rambles through You Tube. It’s fun for me to share it here with you.